Monday, June 8, 2015

Ugly Exterior?

The drive-up appeal of your home is critical when trying to sell your house. Even those minor repairs that you have been putting off can be critical in selling your home to a prospective buyer. iPaint is different from those other fly-by-night companies who just add a fresh coat of paint to your exterior. At iPaint, we do the job right which entails a thorough job of repairing damaged or rotting wood, replacing wood to match the original exterior appearance.
Shown are pictures showing the steps we took to restore the exterior of a home to its original glory. The owner had built an addition onto his home that was constructed with a different type of wood on the exterior that didn’t match the rest of his house. This job also involved repositioning the pool equipment to allow enough wall space for adding the shake wood exterior shingles before priming and painting. The end result was a harmonious exterior that looked as if it had all been constructed at the same time. Our client was very pleased with the result.
Now is the time to make those minor repairs to your home even if you are not selling it this year. Call iPaint, and they will do it right the first time! iPaint, the artist that paints houses.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Update Your Bedroom with a Mural

Are you looking for something a little bit different for your bedroom? How about a mural that goes with a new print you are having framed? That is exactly the task that John Lomas successfully executed recently. The picture was a rather eclectic one of a lady entitled ‘Mother Earth’. The owner wanted her new bedroom to have the same theme as the picture. From that description and a look at the picture, John Lomas began brainstorming with the owner. Together they decided on creating a Tree Mural to complement the picture. The following steps involved selecting the correct look for the tree. The owner found several trees she liked and John helped her narrow down the choices to 3 possible selections. From there, she selected this sketch for the tree.

John went to work using the sketch as a guide for the tree. He first made rough outlines of the shape on the wall with white chalk. Then, he painted the tree trunk with a paint brush. Looking at the leaves and remembering that the owner had said she wanted it to look like a butterfly had flown from the tree; he elected to get several stencils of butterflies, birds and bees to intersperse through the tree canopy. The complete mural is shown here along with the original sketch the owner had liked. She was very pleased with the end result!

Remember, iPaint for your next remodeling job; ‘The Artist that Paints!’

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Chimney repair

Lotsa fun. At about 26 feet. The crown of the chimney needed the wood replaced because of dry rot.  iPAINT guarantees not one can of paint will be opened until all necessary repair and replacement is done. 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Painting Stucco

A lot of times I get asked if one can paint stucco. I always answer with a resounding yes! over time, stucco like any surface should be refreshed with a coat of paint:
This home had two panels of stucco replaced and needed to be color matched a tricky endeavor if the texture doesn't match:
Refreshed and looking new again:

Siding a Room Addition

The client wanted the siding on the room addition of his house to match the siding on the rest of the house.
we also replaced weather damaged pieces and repainted the areas to match:
putting up new siding:
8" rough cedar lap and gap:
painted and finished: