Monday, January 6, 2014

Filthy White To Upscale Delight

I turned dirty white walls into very stylish detailing.

Bathroom Update

I removed ugly wallpaper and added texture and paint...

Converting A Cave

Turning dark drab colors into warm, bright and welcoming.

Bedroom Value Change

We lightened the value of this beautiful blue to brighten the room.

From Red To Blue

This client was so happy with her new colors, she had to invite guests!

Returning To Base

Sometimes the homeowner needs to return their home to the original base color. I can do that too.

Vaulted Color Change

These vaulted walls needed a change from drab brown and sunburst to cool shades of blue. The clients are very pleased with their new look:

Low Light Warm Up!

This Cute little house had very little natural light. A good coat of paint was needed to lighten and warm things up a little. The owners were out of town on Holiday when I was contracted by their children. they came home to a pleasant surprise.

Hi! I Paint Houses

This is my daughter's bunkbed which I manufactured and painted along with the rest of her bedroom. can you tell what her favorite color was?